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Hi. I’m the founder of WeboGraphics, a 100% pure BELGIAN company created early 2018. Together with a few other solid partners and freelancers we can help you build the website you want with the tools you need. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition by building a functional custom made website you are at the right virtual door.

Check out our SERVICES and our PROJECTS, they speak for themselves.

I look forward to meeting you.

our services

Web Development

We can make anything you want!

Custom WordPress

We are specialised in one of the very best content management system in the world, WordPress. We can build entirely customised web sites to completely suit your specific needs. But, if you are on a tighter budget, we can purchase a pre-built template and modify it to match your brand. Either way you’ll get a great website, ideal for start-ups and small to medium businesses alike.

More information:

CUSTOM tools & Functionalities

Most websites have tools like contact forms, an event page, a blog, a calendar, etc. These are common tools and they come with all kind of features depending of the plugin that is chosen. But we can go further than that …

We can build specific tools for your specific activities. You might want an easy way to add products to your product page, with very specific data automatically added from a database. Or you might want to use an external database to update the services you are selling, like insurances or bank products.

The bigger the challenge, the more interested we are in helping you achieve your goals!

Quality not quantity

Our main purpose is to deliver high quality products. Every single website we create is built with the greatest care to make sure we meet your expectations, and if possible go even further .. we might even surprise you!

Graphic Design

Design that will match your brand!

Web Design

We have more than 20 years of experience in graphic design. Together, we will  customise your site and make sure it matches your brand perfectly. Don’t worry if you don’t have a specific branding for your company yet. We are great at building new and creative designs that will set you apart from your competition. First we’ll get to know your business and your brand as well as your personal taste. Then, we will analyse your competition and build you a website that really stands out.

Responsive web design

All of our websites have a responsive design, meaning they adapt to different sizes of screen to give the best experience to your audience. We test on several devices like laptops, iPhones, Android tablets, … to make sure your website will look great on most devices.

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Branding and Print design

We can help you with your company’s brand as well. We create logo’s, business cards, flyer’s, etc. Together with your website, they will form your new company’s identity and set you appart from your competition.

Web Hosting

Combell Partner

Hosting solutions

WeboGraphics is an official partner and reseller of one the biggest and best Hosting company in Belgium, Combell. We take care of all your web needs: domain migration, domain reservation, hosting of  your website, e-mail, etc. Everything you might need and more …

More information:

Maintenance and Updates

WordPress needs to be updated regularly, as do the plugins. We will make sure your website gets updated when needed.

Daily backups and enhanced security

Daily backups of your website are made and can be retrieved within 24 hours in case something bad happenes .. like being hacked for example. No website is 100% safe from hackers .. no matter what we do. But having a backup makes it a whole lot easier and faster to get your website back online again. We will also increase security when and if needed.



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