A new client website is born! Brussels Chiropractic 2.0


Client Project

One of our latest clients, Brussels Chiropractic, got in touch with us to see if we could have their WordPress website rebuilt completely, making it faster and more attractive.

They weren’t so happy with how slow it was, especially when editing, being a three language website. The content would stay more or less the same and the design, although reimagined, would need to match their branding, colours and overall look and feel.

Without a doubt this was a challenge we gladly accepted, especially since we are armed with great tools like WordPress, Divi theme, Divi Builder and a whole army of Divi modules and plugins to help us to achieve the clients desires. Our extensive knowledge of CSS and JavaScript would help us too if necessary.

Looking further into it, we noticed that the website contained a lot of data and very interesting information for their patients. But it wasn’t structured optimally, in a way that it would make it easy for patients to find what they were looking for.

Therefore we created custom post types with custom fields for the Conditions Treated so that we could display them nicely on one page. This way, the client could add new conditions in an easy and intuitive way, just like creating a new blog post for example. Displaying these conditions in a nice grid on the front-end was easy with the use of divi plugins.

I encourage you to take a look and visit the new and optimised Brussels Chiropractic website, we also added a very nice custom mobile menu .. definitely worth checking out!