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CurrentMedia needed a light multilingual one page website with WordPress at its core for easy content management. The website has a responsive design so that it can be viewed on any device as well. Logo creation and web design were part of the project. A perfect start up website that can grow with the business [...]


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Hêbê has established itself as an important project platform for expats in Brussels, with a network of over 1500 people. The association currently runs a football league (with 46 teams and almost 700 players), a theatre group (with 6 performances already), and a newly created running project for avid runners, a digital communication workshop as [...]

Degroo Real Estate & Partners

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Full fledge real estate multilingual web site with custom design and great search tools. The web site is WordPress based for easy content management and has a responsive design to make sure it works perfectly on tablets and smartphones.

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