Project Description

Hêbê has established itself as an important project platform for expats in Brussels, with a network of over 1500 people. The association currently runs a football league (with 46 teams and almost 700 players), a theatre group (with 6 performances already), and a newly created running project for avid runners, a digital communication workshop as well as regular ‘Greets‘ with our partners at Brussels Greeters. Hêbê also organizes and promotes various events and activities throughout the year!

Hêbê needed a new website that would be able to communicate in a better way with their members as well as a new and more social brand design. WordPress was the perfect tool for them as they are many contributors to the website with different possible roles. Responsive design, organizing events, subscribing to a mailing list, MailChimp, Paypal .. are some of the very important tools that were added to the website to enhance communication with the members.